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    Being born and raised in South Louisiana, I grew up surrounded by a variety of cultures. Something about the merging of these separate ideas has always stuck with me and continued my interest in the way we, as humans, create duality in an attempt to identify our surroundings. Taking the binaries we place on ourselves and putting them into a context to be broken is my own way of identifying them and then redefining them. While not all of my work is about binaries thematically, I visually express duality by using individual imagery and warping it to be multifaceted. I work in a variety of media; allowing the ideas to develop organically and dictate which to use. Using the differences between media to further explore duality, I strive to create balance and unity within my art. I'm also very interested in breaking down the barriers of art and creating an interactive experience for its viewers.


    Currently, I'm working on a painting series exploring our concept of gender, a digital design series breaking down the elements of art using only one image, and writing a coming-of-age screenplay about two teenage girls growing up in a punk community.


    Sara Bonar graduated Cum Laude with a major in Film Arts and a minor in Studio Arts from the University of New Orleans in 2011. She has worked in the art department and camera department on a variety of films. She has shown pieces in the Slidell Mixed Media Arts Show, Acadiana Center for the Arts, Louisiana State Archives, TUFAF, WCALA's Femme Fest as well as various coffee shops around the New Orleans area.


    In 2017, Sara received her Reiki master certification and completed a 400 hour 6 month long yoga teacher training program. To stay updated with her sessions: Le Réveil Yoga & Reiki


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