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    Skin Is, My____

    Skin is, My:______ is a series of self-portraits that I created to portray a philosophy of life. I believe that while we continuously change, there is always a part of our former selves that still exist within us. With that same token, if you envision who you want to be, you embody that person as well in your present. For this series, I wanted them to each feel different but fluid, so I needed to be as familiar with my subject matter as possible. I chose to use self-portraits since I cannot know anyone as well as myself. Art is as much an experience as a vision. As an artist, I make interactive pieces to engage the viewer, thus allowing it to connect more with them. For Skin is, My:_____, I painted each panel or 'skin' individually but arranged them to each connect with its counterparts. I also composed each piece by itself so that they can stand alone as a visual experience. I intend for them to be moved around however the viewer chooses, whether that be to put them in order, upside down, or completely mixed up.