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    Telegraphing began as an experiment in composition. I wondered if I could use a cutout image of my body in different shapes: photographing it and then manipulating it photoshop, to create a complete and effective art piece. What started as an experiment soon became a representation of an internal dialogue between my mind and my body. In the first steps of the process, I would need to be very connected with my body to create the various shapes. I'm frequently inspired by shapes that I find myself in during yoga classes. At the root of yoga philosophy is a connection of the mind, body, spirit, breath and movement. This is in contrast to the way I finish creating the pieces. My process for working with the images in photoshop almost forces me to separate myself from the images of my body. Simply put, I have to objectify my own body as line, shape, value, etc to utilize it as part of the composition. When complete, I have to take time to step back and reconnect with the fact that it is MY body as well as my mind that has created this piece. In an odd way, this has deepened the connection between myself and my body. Like most women, I have struggled with body image most of my life. I vocally support the body positivity movement, but internally still battle with our society and culture's perspective on women's bodies. Telegraphing is a way to push my own body to the forefront and challenge that perspective.