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    Rage More

    I feel like I went on a rampage with cutting wood. There's still sawdust all over my house.

    Last week, I went to see the Carlos Rolón exhibit for the second time and to spend some more time with it. I love how he uses surfaces and recycled materials to explore the duality of our reality. It was super inspiring to see someone uses so many different types of materials and techniques to explore the same themes. This is something I think of myself as doing but I sometimes question if I'm doing too much and if I should narrow my focus. Seeing his work built more confidence in myself and I'm excited to continue exploring these themes in my art.


    I've started working on some techniques that I'll use on some new pieces. I'm still working on exploring media organically and not planning so much. Sometimes it terrifies me and makes me question if my art is even about anything anymore. Then I remember that process is just as important as product.